Mentorship F.A.Q.

Mentors are experienced professionals who are volunteering to help you develop both in your field and spiritually. We’re always looking for new mentors and mentees, see below to get started!


Share experiences, strategy & more  


Gain experience, insight, advice, & more

Mentors are:

Resources — you can learn about professional norms, career planning, and field-specific practices from them

Coaches — you can practice professional skills with them

Role models — they can share their experiences of living out their faith in their workplaces and balancing work, faith, and family

Trustworthy — they will respect your confidence and allow you to be honest and direct about your career, personal goals, and frustrations

Mentors are not:

HR or union reps — you should address workplace drama or malpractice with the proper personnel

Spiritual directors or counselors — you should address more serious matters of faith and wellbeing with non-volunteer professionals

Agents — you should not expect mentors to advocate for a raise or promotion for you

Your best friends — you should not gossip, vent, or idly chat while meeting with mentors

Sponsors — you should not expect mentors to pay for your expenses

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